Perhaps the best eco-friendly disposable products I have ever used. Serving on them is a genuine pleasure. They not only look good; they also support on hand eating without any worry about spilling. My guests were extremely happy when I served on them.

Raktim Hazarika, Resident – Delhi

When I served my restaurant’s food on the plates provided by Prakritii, I received rave feedback. Such an easy-to- use natural products took up the level of service to a higher notch.

Kanchana Arandhara, Restaurant Owner

It’s been three years since we started doing business with Prakritii-Cultivating Green. As a small business we were in look out for like-minded young entrepreneurs who would support us with products and knowledge to run the business of selling eco-friendly tableware. Vaibhav Jaiswal and Amardeep Bardhan have been exceptionally good not only at running their business but also helping small businesses grow. We thank you from the bottom of the heart and hope our partnership will lasts long enough and bring a positive change in the society and make this world a better place for humanity.

Nikhil Somani, Business Owner – Hyderabad

I have used products made by Prakritii and I must say that they are marvellous. The dinnerware is are so presentable and eco-friendly. The entire range of products are versatile and are so amazing.

Moumita Paul, Resident – Noida

Prakritii have wide range of products. It is one stop unit for eco-friendly disposables. We have been doing business with them from last 5 years and appreciate their hard work to facilitate us at all times. I must say that my customer base has increased to a large extent due to the areca leaf plates by Prakritii.

R.K. Jaiswal, Business Owner – Varanasi

Prakritii is a great initiative towards eco-frindly society. A unique concept to bring awareness and use of recycle product for better environment. Team Prakritii is not only doing business but working towards giving back to society so that we can have better world for our future generations. I wish all the best to them for this endeavor.

Mohit Joshi, Business Owner – Mumbai

I was moved and inspired by the product and story of the team. In the fast-moving environment, we hardly look back towards the nature. But now I feel we can contribute by using these eco-friendly products. I have launched Prakritii products in Germany and I must say that the response is overwhelming. The support and market knowledge of Prakritii is outstanding. They helped me grow as well.

Christine Perón, Business Associate – France

It has been more than 3 years working in association with Prakritii. The team has constant effort to offer something new to the market. Their planning for production, dispatch and delivery has helped me to gain trust among my customers. I wish them best and am obliged to be their business partner.

John Brown, Business Trader, Australia

Since our decision to work with Prakritii for our packaging requirements, we have reaped the true benefit of a hands-on, socially responsible and knowledgeable company who always put the customer first. Prakritii has helped us and provided guidance we needed to be able to take our packaging to a new level, working with us on the branding of our product, and helping us to build brand value that has enhanced our product range.

With flexibility of service, transparent and competitive pricing, clear communication and a “can-do” approach, we see our partnership with Prakritii as an integral part for our future growth and development of our product.

Anna Whistler, Business Owner – USA