Amardeep Bardhan

A seasoned professional having wide international marketing experience with top MNC’S. He has rich education background in management and possess degree of M.Com and MBA (International Business). He has strong business acumen, a valuable attribute for any firm.

Vaibhav Jaiswal

A specialized person for handling planning & operations. He is a management graduate from one of the top B-schools in India. He has wide business experience with various entrepreneurial NGO’s and hence, was instrumental in founding Prakritii. Prior to the inception of Prakritii, he worked with various MNCs.

P. Chandru

A sound technical person taking care of procurement and production. He has been in this Areca disposable industry for more than 10 years. He has the responsibility of making effective & efficient design – engineering of machines and hence, contributing to high quality finished products.


“Prakritii” is the outcome of the commitment of the two young lads to preserve the true essence and loveliness of nature. Vaibhav who is originally from Varanasi, UP met Amardeep from Dispur, Assam in the same business school where both were doing post-graduation Retail & IB. These enthusiastic young lads wanted to start an enterprise that wouldn't harm the ecological balance. They explored the options and concluded what they wanted. Eventually, the team " VA" shaped their dream as "Prakritii - Cultivating Green" an idea which changed their life for good.

"VA" believes that entrepreneurs are born and not made. They didn't spend sleepless nights cramming management lessons or discussed avenues abroad over a cuppa coffee. The two prioritised what they wanted to achieve in life and how. The answers rolled out, one after the other.

They found that cheap plastic and thermocol is the root cause of growing carbon foot prints. Industrialization has left us yearning for the time when we use to eat food on banana leaves. They thought on the similar lines and came up with the idea of making plates and other household items out of Arecanut Leaf.

With each successive year, our team is growing big with more commitments and challenges to overcome.