PRAKRITII dinnerware are made of Arecanut Sheaths (leaf extensions) naturally shed from Areca (Palm) trees. The collected sheaths are then soaked in water, brushed, cleaned and purified in chemical-free environment and allowed to dry naturally, thus, making it odourless. The dried sheaths are given stylish and unique mould with heat pressing machine making them sturdy and heat resistant. Dinnerwares are again allowed to dry completely individually and final finesse is given before packaging. Prakritii dinnerware are widely acclaimed in United States of America (USA), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Russia, CIS Countries, South East Asia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Rest of Americas, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Baltic & Scandanivian Countries are few to count.



The plant and machinery divisions are an important resource centre for the smooth functioning of the manufacturing unit. We identify, procure and mobilize the right resources for each job. At a focal point, it helps optimize productivity and ensure hassle-free operations. We aim at producing the quality dinnerware at a hygienic, safe and dust-free environment. Each and every process is being carried out by our dedicated and technically sound workers using high-end machines to enable us to serve our clients with best quality plates made out of leaf.

We have dedicated Manufacturing Unit and separate Export oriented packing unit located in Irugur, Coimbatore with an operational area of 30,000 square feet. Dedicated floor space enables proper utilization of resources and hence, optimizing the use of available resources with high perfection.

Most of our machines are customised with variable heat adjustments so that each type of dinnerware is treated differently for best quality outputs. The machines are highly sophisticated indulged with latest technology. We have special machines for cleaning, trimming, packing and dedicated material handling & storage equipment to handle the products safety and hygiene in every stage of production.


Our product is made out of fallen leaves which are of no use in general. So, this usage gives our product its uniqueness. If these leaves are not used, it simply decomposes or being thrown into pit. We collect these fallen leaves and mould them to be used as dinnerware. The best, elegant looking dinnerware which is eco-friendly too. After one use, it can be dumped into a pit which decomposes itself in 7-10 days.

Our products are 100% natural, biodegradable, compostable, oven safe, water-resistant, refrigerator safe and can hold both types of liquids hot & cold. Since no food or liquid reacts when in use is the best attribute of the product.

Areca leaf products are safe in all Microbiological Testing (like Plate count within acceptable limit for food contact, No Presence of E-Coli, and no presence of Fungus). The products do not contain any heavy metal which is confirmed through laboratory test for each consignment. Additionally, our products pass successfully the Compostable Testing.


* ISO 9001: 2015


* Anaerobic Plate Count - APC 35C
Test: Coli form and Yeast/Mold testing

* ASTM D-6400
Purpose: Level of heavy metals considering human and environmental concern.
Test: Result shows that our product is well below the acceptable level.

* Phytosanitation
Purpose: Plant material is safe when in contact with food.
Test: Before shipping, the container is fumigated and tested for safety. To be exported, the test must be passed.


* ASTM D-6866
Test: Biological material testing
Purpose: Are the products completely natural without any additives, plastics, waxes or glues?

* ASTM D-6868 and ASTM D-6400
Test: Speed and ability to be composted.
Purpose: The standard for this test is 60% in 90 days. Areca leaf products are composted 150% above the standard in 2/3 the time.


Our products are good source of organic manure. Their approximate composition is N2 (0.94 per cent); P2O5 (0.096 per cent) and K20 (1.00 per cent). The compost mixed with our products acts as a fertilizer, enhancing plant growth. It becomes high quality compost. The above testing will prove that the Areca leaves products are completely biodegradable and compostable in nature. 
However, these testings have to be done by the client.

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